CBX Institutional Application

  • CBX Institutional Interest Form CBX机构账户申请意向书

  • CBX is the professional trading platform for the institutional accounts. We provide FIX API for institutional participants to improve your trading experience.
    You will enjoy the following benefits as an institutional participant:
    • Superior Customer Support
    Highly instant response to your demand and deliver an effective solution.
    • Exclusive Investment Insight
    You will be considered as priority tier of client and investor, will be informed latest high-value investment projects.
    • Professional Trading Platform
    Fix API delivered by CBX is a professional trading API used in the traditional financial industry, equips your trading experience more effective and better.
    • Secured Technological Backup
    Most secure digital trading platform protects your digital assets in the procedure of deposit & withdrawal and transactions.
    Please fill in the interest form, we will contact you via email if you successfully fulfilled the first step.
    Subsequently, you will be required to fill in the relevant information and upload the requisite documentation – we will revert via email within 3-5 business days.
    If you have any comments or suggestions, please email to:institution@cbx.one
    Your support for CBX is appreciated!