CBX Listing Application

  • CBX Listing Application Regulations (CBX上币申请)

  • If your blockchain project meets the following conditions, please feel free to submit the listing application to us:

    1. Applicants need to provide authentic, complete and concise information. False information is prohibited and all losses will be borne by the project party
    2. Have an experienced, successful management team with deep domain knowledge related to the project, and excellent technical support team with project-related experience
    3. Provide a well-targeted market or customer/user base with a large and active user community
    4. Describe your unique competitive advantage and market position
    5. Preferred projects are the ones which have large user bases, existing products, or are led by teams that have successfully landed projects
    6. For any requirements for technical functions, please communicate with the project coordinator at least one month in advance
    7. Upon listing of tokens, the project will be tracked in terms of its product progress, number of users, and project liquidity. We reserve the right to interview the project party or directly remove the token without notice
    8. Project party has the following behaviors will be forbidden to be listed or continue to be listed on CBX:

    • Core team members have bad records,
    • Conducting malicious speculation on CBX
    • Code audit fails,
    • Submitting false information
    Notice:Please ensure that the following documents to be filled completely and send to List@cbx.one:
    • "The incorporation legal documents of your project's major legal entity",
    • "Legal opinion recognizing your project tokens as utility tokens" and other related information
      If your application meets the criteria, we will get back to you as soon as possible. 为了保护投资者的利益,CBX会对项目评估,所有上线交易的品种需要满足如下条件,包含但不限于:

    1. 项目方提供的信息必须真实、完整、简洁,不得有任何虚假信息,否则一切损失由项目方承担
    2. 具有与项目相关领域的知识和丰富经验,同时背靠优秀的技术团队
    3. 拥有一个明确的市场或客户群, 同时经营着一个庞大而活跃的用户社区
    4. 阐述清晰自己独特的竞争优势和市场地位
    5. 首选用户基数大、已有落地产品或者是曾有成功落地项目团队的新项目
    6. 如有任何涉及技术功能上的需求,请至少提前一个月与项目对接人联系沟通确认
    7. 项目方币种上线后,CBX将对上线项目的产品进度、用户数、流动性进行实施跟踪,并根据反馈情况保留约谈项目方或者在不通知的情况下直接下架的权利
    8. 项目方有以下行为,一律禁止上线:核心团队成员有不良记录;利用币一平台进行恶意炒作,代码审计不合格, 提交虚假、不实信息

      注:若“项目发起主体设立法律文件”、“Utility Token法律意见说明书”等相关资料没有填写上传,请补充完整,可发送至 List@cbx.one 如果您的申请符合标准,我们会尽快回复您。
  • Start Application Filling Here

  • Contact (联系人)

    Project (项目方)
  • Project Name (项目名称)

  • Project Introduction

    Please provide the English Introduction
  • 项目简介

  • Project Information (项目信息)

  • Address (链接地址)
  • Address (链接地址)
  • Address (链接地址)
  • Team (团队信息)

  • Founder (创始人)
  • Co-founder (Co-founder联合创始人)
  • Core Team (核心成员)
  • Core Team (核心成员)
  • Core Team (核心成员)
  • Describe the Function of the Token

  • 代币的用途

  • Have the token been listed on any exchanges? 目前已上线交易所?

    Don't need to fill out if no exchange has listed the token.
  • Coins / Token Type (代币标准)

  • Distribution 代币如何分配

    Token / Coin (代币发行)
  • Token Information 代币信息

  • Price 代币价格

    如果非 ETH,请按实际情况填写
  • Token 代币
  • Token 代币
  • Token 代币
  • Code 代码信息

    If the token is not ERC20 type, please also attach the smart contract link here.
  • Smart Contract (合约地址)
  • Smart Contract (合约地址)
  • Smart Contract (合约地址)
  • Products 产品信息

  • Website 地址
  • Website 地址
  • Website 地址
  • Users & Community (社群情况)

  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Wechat (微信群)
  • Weibo (微博)
  • Slack
  • Reddit
  • Others (其它)
  • Total (总计)
  • When are you planning to list the token? 期望上线时间

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Your CBX Accounts (CBX账户)

    Please provide at least one CBX account.
  • Email (邮箱)
  • Email (邮箱)
  • Submit Code Audit Report 提交【代码审计报告PDF】

  • Drop files here or
  • The Project Subject Establishes Legal Documents 项目主体设立法律文件

  • Drop files here or
  • Utility Token Legal opinion (A formal legal opinion issued by the top 20 law firms certifying that their token does not constitute securities. At present, it is mainly to prove that in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore does not constitute securities. Legal opinion must be based on the latest white paper.) Utility Token法律意见说明书(在行业排行前20律所出具证明其token/ico不构成证券的正式法律意见书,目前主要是证明在美国、香港、新加坡不构成证券,法律意见书必须是基于最新的白皮书出具的)

  • Drop files here or
  • Logo SVG 50*50 (Logo 矢量文件 50*50 )