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Craft Coin Company Ltd (CCC) is a privately held Fintech company incorporated in Malta. It is CCC’s aim to beproviding alternative financing mechanisms to SME’s that are working sustainably and are in need for expansioncapital. As one of several projects, CCC has created and is in the process of releasing the Craft Beer Coin(CBC). In addition to the tokens, CCC will support the companies, which have been selected to receive fundingwith advice and the purchasing power of a syndicate resembling larger organisations

CCC Ltd. founded by some of London’s premier Data, Fintech and Crypto Experts, CCC has quickly attracted some ofthe brightest minds in financing, as well as some of the best partners imaginable. Ex PWC meets FullersDirectors, meets Malta, Dubai, the US and Germany.One of the first tasks was to get B-Corp registered, to ensure that data security and governance are alwaysrespected, and everything is done with a clear focus on the three pillars of sustainability: 1. Ecological, 2.Economical and 3. Social.

CBC’s are the first real world token (meaning with instant usability), which are asset-backed by contracts withseveral breweries guaranteeing access to a physical product (beer) and their inventory (brewing equipment andinfrastructure). Coinholders are able to use the tokens already today in one of a growing number of locations.The test-bed was Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant & Castle, where the coins have been in circulation sinceJanuary 2019 and many important lessons have been learned.

Craft Coin Company(CCC)


The Craft Coin Company (CCC) is a financial services company that enables the issuance of digital cryptocurrencies, backed by real products, providing funding for artisanal craft products. CCC was conceived, founded and registered as a company that facilitates the creation of alternative funding mechanisms designed to help artisanal creators of craft products and their consumers to thrive.
The team behind CCC has decades of international business experience, including successfully building and selling on multiple start-ups, global marketing for the likes of Microsoft, Bloomberg and the London Olympics. Launching a crypto bank, the movie production of blockbuster movies and setting up the Blockchain Centre of Excellence for an Oil & Gas Major.

Reviewing business ideas and offering support is an integral part of CCC, who recognise that success is often achieved by focusing on businesses supporting businesses. Therefore, forming successful and strategic partnerships is a priority that will ensure sustainable long-term success.

All of the ‘coins’ will be asset-backed, with supported security depending on the craft it supports and the model the coin adheres to. The coins also do contain voting rights, rights to dividends and a guaranteed convertibility. At any point, if one wishes to sell their coin via a cryptocurrency exchange, it will be possible to do so.

As the Craft Beer Coin is a product most people will understand, we have chosen to outline the problem and CCC’s solution to specifically the craft beer market. It introduces the asset-backed cryptocurrencies, CCC’s current partners, and plans for the future.

The coins issued by CCC create benefits for all participants in unique economic setting:
– For the craft companies it provides accessible and affordable independent financing.
– The customers using the coins will get discounts on the product and become part of the community supporting the craft.
– Investors benefit from ownership in the craft companies and potential uplift of the value of the craft coins, whilst being protected though the value underwriting of the coin by the participation of craft companies.

Challenges in the Industry

In a time of globalized mass-production and product distribution, sustainable products have become a preference for many. The traditional crafts sector especially, has grown as a ‘local’ response to material culture that has become crucial to communities both environmentally, socially and economically. The industries targeted by CCC include sustainable artisan and craft-based services, namely craft beer and artisanal food purveyors. Due to its necessary involvement in the two aforementioned sectors, water has also been identified as a target market.

Growth in these businesses is primarily funded through banks and traditional instruments, with few alternatives. This leads to a dependency on a ‘traditional exit’ as the plan needs to focus on short-term profitability, rather than the creation of long term value.

Craft companies, almost universally face difficulties when trying to scale. Day to day necessities often take precedent over the time needed to strategize. Growth planning takes a back seat to the high demand of day-to-day profit making. Additionally, small artisanal businesses often experience inertia when it comes to growth – the desire to remain ‘local’ and the fear of losing the craft ‘feel’, is limiting.

The craft sector within the UK is rapidly changing, and there is fear that an industry, such as craft beer, that has grown exponentially in the last 10 years, will at some point hit a peak in which it will not be able to grow anymore. When faced with the choice of selling out to a larger corporation, or taking on the risk and burden of self-managed growth, quite understandably much of the craft industry opts for selling out. As a result, their communities suffer.

Our Solution

The solution is to release one Coin per market segment, starting with the craft beer market and the inception of the Craft Beer Coin (CBC), so as to follow current demand. Following on from the success of the Craft Beer Coin, CCC will launch Craft Water Coin, Craft Food Coin and other appropriate coins such as a Craft Champagne Coin, who we are currently in talks with.

CCC ‘asset backed’ coins are designed as currencies that enable businesses to leverage modern distributed ledger technologies (DLT’s). ‘Asset backed’ means that the coins are not ‘stores of value’ like Bitcoin, but rather backed by and facilitate transactions of real products and services whilst underwritten with a value understood by everyone, such as a pint of craft beer and participating in the equity of the companies financed.

These coins are unique in their appeal to the general public who otherwise are not exposed, nor commonly interested in cryptocurrencies. The average consumer may not understand the worth of one Bitcoin. However, they will have a natural understanding of the worth of one pint of craft beer, therefore the minimum value of one Craft Beer Coin will always be equal to at least one pint of beer. Easy to understand and use, CCC’s coins will set the standard for the way users buy craft beer; subsequently water and eventually food.

Token introduction

Craft Beer Coin(CBC)

The Craft Coin Company (CCC) will create two hundred million (200,000,000) transactional digital Craft Beer Coins (CBC), of which initially 1.2 million will be made internationally available, through fundraising events.

Every CBC will always be exchangeable for at least one pint or half litre of beer, produced by UK limited company German Kraft and participating breweries. Gypsy Hill (London’s largest independent craft beer brewery) has since been on-boarded and now accepts CBC in their taproom. The quick interest and adoption has given a strong indication that this alternative support system for the industry is necessary, and will be well  received.

App users will be able to purchase Craft Beer Coins directly from within the App interface with Ethereum, or Fiat (all major credit/debit cards are accepted). The coins are also tradable on the exchange CBX, against Bitcoin or USD.

Malta registered CCC LTD will hold Craft Beer Coins and will issue at purchase to buyers which are then digitally transferred into users CBC wallet, which will be stored on the mobile App interface. Buyers can then purchase beer with their phone at participating locations. After coin holders spend their CBC at supporting breweries, the coins will be returned to CCC. Alternatively, patrons can hold their CBC for future usage or to act as an investment as part of a portfolio, safe in the knowledge CBC will always hold a floor value of one pint of craft beer.

The proceeds of the sale CBC are financing the Craft Beer Coin Company (CBCC), which finances brewery equipment and takes equity stakes in the Craft Beer Breweries. Eighty percent of the Dividend rights and voting rights of the CBCC are owned by the CBC holders.


CCC has set a soft cap to raise £6,000,000 from sales of CBC during this first ‘Beer Coin Offering (BCO)’. CCC understands the need to stay agile and not get caught up in the latest ‘fundraising fad’, such as an ICO/STO/IEO. These tend to only attract short play investors looking to manipulate a market by focusing on the token as a vehicle. CCC is keen to build a community of longevity to support the target audience. To roll out CBC’s in more locations, a three-pronged raise campaign has been planned.

  • Crowdfunding – Kickstarter*/Patreon** campaigns
  • Direct Investment – HNW’s, Family Offices, Funds, VC. (possible equity opportunities)
  • Selling CBC – Direct to consumers.
  • Roadshows – Tours planned for APAC and EMEA.

*Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform designed for companies to raise funds and build communities in the wake of a successful campaign. This is typically a one goal/product per campaign focus within a designated timeframe.

** Patreon is a crowdfunding platform designed for companies to raise funds through a continued community building focus, by allowing users to commit to a monthly donation/investment

CCC will set an investment limit per investor of 5% of each raise. As voting rights will be attached to CBC’s through a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation), it is important to limit the market share of individuals so as not to create a monopoly on decisions.

As the business expands, the intention is to sell more sets of CBC through CCC via future fundraising rounds and through sales of CBC´s directly to the beer drinking public via the app.


CBC is fully backed by a real-world product that everyone understands the value of – fresh beer. This means that the Craft Beer Coin supply is directly matched with the amount of beer brewed. Simply put, one token will always buy the holder at least one beer.

It is important to note that the CBC is backed by, not pegged to beer. It is not a stablecoin and the value can go up as well as down in monetary terms. However, whatever the monetary value, every token in circulation will have one brewed beer to underwrite it. Thanks to the backing of our ‘foundation partnership brewery’ (German Kraft Brewery) and other breweries like Gypsy Hill, a token holder can redeem a beer at any time (Subject to participating venues’ opening hours) and it appears to be unlikely that the value of the token will ever fall below the price of a pint of beer.

To standardize the tokens, one token buys one half a litre of beer (except in the UK where one token buys one pint of beer). Once CCC expands to other territories (see roadmap), there will be a daily beer price depending on the current value of the token and the BeerCoin conversion rate*. Beer will be denominated in the local currency, and the daily beer price will be published as a fraction of the tokens in the user’s wallet.

* Initial conversions will be done via a simple FX tool. Future proprietary tech will aggregate global conversion rates for each territory.

Incentives to buy CBC

  • End user customers will be incentivised to buy CBC through discounted beer/ pre-purchase priced packages.
    • Pre-purchase packages unlock achievements within the CBC App.
      • Ambassador Status – 600+ coins
      • God of Craft Status – 1000+ Coins
  • Holders of CBC will become active members of the Craft Coin Movement, participating and benefiting from its development in multiple locations.
    • Receiving voting rights on new brewery locations through a DAO
        • DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) Will be responsible for maintaining a ‘for the user attitude’ Voting rights
  • Community benefitting ecosystem – every beer bought directly helps to fund equipment to be leased to new breweries, which in-turn completes the eco-system of underwriting each CBC with a pint of craft beer. Providing its own liquidity.
  • Breweries are incentivising customers to use CBC to buy beer by giving discounts in order to become eligible for financing

The CBC Value Cycle

The CBC Value Cycle sits at the core of the craft coin movement. It’s how we provide the financing for local independent breweries to build and grow, whilst also guaranteeing utility and underwritten value of the coin.

A craft brewery seeking financing through the CBC´s will first have to commit to accept CBC´s and underwrite them with a pint of beer. Once it has accept a sufficient amount of CBC´s it can apply for financing given that it complies with the basic values the craft beer movement: independence, social and environmental sustainability. If this is the case the financing proposal will be published to the CBC coin holders via the app which can then vote on the proposal. If accepted by the majority of coin holders  CBCC will give financing to the brewery for a new brewing equipment against security in the equipment or equity in the brewery.

The brewery will then use the new equipment to brew more beer and continue to underwrite the value of the toke with a pint of beer until either the financing has been repaid or the brewery is sold in which case the proceeds to CBCC are used to pay dividends to the CBC holders or to buy tokens to burn them.

The graph below depicts the growth of beer production per quarter. Please note this only takes into account the locations that have contacts in place to date at the time of writing. More breweries are expected to be added constantly.

Road map

Together with the partners listed at the end of this document, CCC is eager to build breweries all the way from the highest mountains in China to the deepest valley’s in America. A timeline of the vision is set out below.

  • 2019—-London & Europe
    • The Craft Coin Company is currently in conversations with various London municipalities to recreate what has already been achieved at the foundation partner German Kraft’s flagship brewery. Contracts are in place for no less than four more locations; Elephant Park, Illford, Kensington and Mayfair. Conversations are also underway in Paris and Berlin to build new breweries.
  • 2020—-Europe, America & China
    • Preliminary discussions are happening all around the world. In 2020 we will have an American Roadshow to scout new locations in America. We have already had discussions with Chinese real estate developers for promising locations.
  • 2021—-Global
    • CCC strives to have a positive global and local, environmental and social impact, showcased in the London locations. CCC expects the world to understand the concept, which is more than just a beer coin as it stands in its current cohort. It is a community driven vehicle that will extend to create sustainable ecosystems for the communities that adopt it. From simply providing clean water for survival in some locations, to an explosion of Artisans benefitting from support and trade, and vice versa.


It is imperative that CCC maintains a strong market strategy throughout the launch of CBC. By doing so, it will set the standards and lay the groundwork for the expected launch of future coins including Craft Food and Water Coins.

This marketing strategy may include, but is not limited to the following channels:

  • Maintaining a presence in online and offline media
  • Utilizing the footfall and emotional connection of the craft breweries
  • Building a community via social media channels
  • Producing thought-leading, quality multimedia content
  • Promotional partnerships and collaborations
  • Sponsorships

Craft Breweries

The strongest marketing channel are the breweries around the world which will aspire to become part of the CBC movement and receive financing. They will promote adoption of the coin by discounts and promotion activities to sell as much beer as possible to qualify for investment. This will create a very large number of direct contacts with the key target audience. German Kraft itself has more than 3.5m customers coming to its Mercato Metropolitano site in London per year.


The Craft Coin IOS APP is set to be the hub of the digital community, and as such, there has been significant response to current trends, prioritising the best UX/UI to the end user as possible. By introducing a community based gaming program, linked to our rewards program.

Reward Programs

CCC will reward users who assist in the growth of CBC by sending them 1 CBC for every 10 people who use their referral link to download the app.

Similarly, users will receive an additional 1 CBC for every 100 beers that are bought through the app by their network of referees. The aim of this reward program is to encourage the sharing of CBC by creating a “network effect”. This will help grow the community of craft beer lovers who recognize the importance of keeping breweries independent.

Ambasador program

The ambassador program for CCC is simple in nature. It is intended to reinforce the distribution and usage of CBC through chosen individuals, acting as ambassadors to promote the CBC tokens. These individuals will be appointed annually, though places are also available for those who wish to opt-into the program by purchasing or holding over 500 coins.

Selected individuals are chosen based on their previous and current involvement with CCC, and subsequently the CBCs. As agreed, upon by the internal members of CCC, these select few are given 600 tokens. Within these 600 tokens, 100 are free to consume (or share), and 500 are intended to be held in order to retain ambassador status. Individuals who are not appointed, can opt to buy-in to achieve ambassador status through the purchase of 500 coins. This keeps the program open to all individuals across the globe who have a genuine passion in the craft beer movement.

Ambassadors will receive:
– Voting capacities for future partnerships, including new beers and breweries
– Special invites to secret events, hosted either by CCC or a partner venue
– A special referral code that generates double the normal referral scheme. Such as after 10 referrals, users gain 2 free beers, and for every 100 beers consumer by their ‘referees’, referrers will receive a further 2 free beers
– Personalised stein to use at partnership breweries
Ambassadors are representatives of the craft beer movement. They have a genuine belief in the coin and are to be an integral part of the CCC Team.

Gamification of our APP

Users will enjoy perks for referring new customers

Games will be introduced for friends to enjoy playing together or against each other.

  • Pub quiz style feature or making group guesses on the price of the Bitcoin Market with fractional tokens over a 60 second time period. The winner with the closest price wins the fractional tokens to increase their token holding.

N.B. emphasis will be on coin holding increase as opposed to ‘winning drinks’.  While we want to drive community spirit through interaction such as gaming, the ultimate goal is to enjoy increased traction through the app. We suggest fractional tokens gaming so as not to induce irresponsible drinking.

Beer & Blockchain Club

An incentive under the CCC umbrella is the Beer and Blockchain Club, which was formed out of a desire to bring together those interested in the ever changing world of blockchain – over a fresh pint of beer. Held the last Wednesday of the month, the Beer and Blockchain Club presents a platform to network and share ideas. Attendees can collaborate, synergise and explore an open forum to discuss how blockchain is ushering in a new era of funding opportunities and challenges.

The Beer and Blockchain Club creates a perfect opportunity for ‘grass-roots’ adoption of CBC – which is used by attendees at every event. It is a scalable concept in which we have plans to host at supporting breweries across the globe.


Weekly/monthly interviews will be conducted with a number of high reach social media influencers/ mediums; Youtube, Medium, Podcast, Facebook, Telegram

Meet the Founders

Every Friday at 4pm, the founders of CCC will be available for open discussions with the CCC community. This aims to foster an open and candid discussion with vision tours of the product as well as invited to try the CCC app and discuss any suggestions users have. This could be viewed as a pre amble forum into the DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

CCC Team

CEO – Florian Krueger has over 20 years of experience and a broad and deep knowledge of the digital space. He is passionate about tying all initiatives back to the strategic objectives which facilitate usable outcomes for our clients. Florian has studied Insurance Economics and Business IT Management at MIT. He has given key note speeches on The Value of IT (Data, Digital, etc.), Blockchain/DLT (IoT, Cognitive) for Dummies to name a few. With Florians expertise in customer relations, data and enterprise, he has been a valuable partner/ adviser of companies such as Minfo, DLT Partners and EnergyDeck.

Partnerships Director – Oliver Worseley has strong entrepreneurship skills, focused on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. He has a keen eye for detail and high capacity for compartmentalising a situation to best work the outcome and produce streamlined performance of a business. As the Partnerships Director of CCC, Oliver plans, develops and analyses robust and agile financial models to maximise profitability and cost control. With his effective collaboration and negotiation skills, Oliver ensures the delivery of strong partnership ethos.

Operations Direcctor – Rehan Quraishi is a dynamic, results orientated Operations Director / Project Manager with over 10 years experience. He has managed projects (valued up to $25,000,000 USD) with clients such as Samsung Vietnam, Nestle and Mountain Dew. Rehan is well suited to lead the Operations of CCC with his passion for using project management tools to maintain efficiency and optimize performance.

Finance Director – Jamie Walker has an MBA and has been a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years’ experience in senior finance roles. As the Finance Director of CCC, Jamie contributes fully to the development of company strategy across all areas of the business; challenging assumptions and decision-making as appropriate, and providing financial analysis and guidance on all activities, plans, targets and business drivers.

Technical Director – Shaun Parker is an experienced Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. As the Technical Director of CCC, Shaun is able to define the technological strategy in conjunction with the development team of each project, pipeline, tools, and key development procedures.

Marketing Director – Brian McClafferty is an experienced marketeer and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience, successfully fundraising millions and delivering global campaigns. Clients have included the likes of Microsoft, Bloomberg and the London Olympics. Brian is well suited to lead the marketing of CCC with his global events, promotional skills and a love for sustainable solutions.

Chairman – Florian Bollen has over 20 years experience in entrepreneurship and sustainability and is the Chairman of CCC. With his innovative and “game changing” insights, Florian heavily contributed to the execution of the Craft Beer Coin initiative as well as the Aquiva Foundation (sustainable water desalination using breakthrough technology). Florian is also the Founder of the Singapore Flyer (Observation Wheel) as well as CEO of International Media, which included projects such as “The Wedding Planner” and “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines”.


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