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KEY METRICS [as of 01 July 2019]

ELAD Networks highlights

Project Overview

ELAD Network combines Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence technology to provide a revolutionary real estate platform that will change the way we exchange and invest in property all over the globe.

Our focus is to give everyone a new and improved experience when purchasing real estate allowing the possibility of a complete property transaction in days as opposed to months and to also allow customers to invest in property through fractional ownership using our unique online platform. This new style of investment is designed to open the market to new investors all over the world and to create affordable smart homes. Fractional ownership allows property to be divided into chunks or shares. ELAD Network provides property investment opportunities from $50 to creating a monthly return from the rent which is directly relational to the size of the initial investment.

A catalogue of Real Estate properties will be traded through the ELAD Network online platform, from the traditional purchase and sale process to crowdfunding multimillion-dollar property investments, ELAD Network will bring P2P exchange and investment together in one place, opening doors, cutting costs and lowering barriers for all.

To facilitate the purchase of property shares on our platform we use ELAD tokens which are dissolved into EQ (Equity) coins upon transfer to the property asset. ELAD Network members will then hold EQ coins which are named after the property that has been purchased. For instance, if an investor purchased a share of a property at 300 Hill Street, Mayfair for $10,000, the investor would receive EQ coins to the value of $10,000 and the EQ coin would be called 300 Hill Street, Mayfair.

The ROI will be directly related to the value of the investment placed upon the property and its rental income regardless its inhabitancy status, the EQ coins could also be traded on the ELAD Network platform with our members.


  • Buy, Sell or Invest in properties anywhere in the world through the ELAD Network platform.
  • Fractional Ownership on the Blockchain
  • Auction your EQ Coins (shares) on the ELAD Network platform which is exposed to a global audience.
  • Global exposure to sellers and landlords of real estate, as well as vetted developers and companies that will be able to submit plans for future ventures to secure crowdfunding.
  • Enabling individuals to self-generate wealth in previously inaccessible markets.
  • Government backed legal structures to protect investors and secure investments.
  • Store ELAD tokens on hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger Nano X. This allows offline (cold) storage of cryptocurrency providing decentralized and stress-free ownership.
  • Invest in IRA’s (Internationally Renowned Areas) to achieve mass global appeal.

ELAD Network Structure

ELAD Tokens and EQ coins (Equity coins)

How to buy ELAD tokens

ELAD Network are conducting an EO (Exchange Offering), ELAD tokens can be bought through CBX.one cryptocurrency exchange in the pre-sale and main sale stage. During the private sale all tokens can be purchased through the ELAD Network Token Dashboard with preferred discounts.

What are ELAD tokens?

The ELAD token complies with the ERC20 standard and is currently deployed on the Ethereum network, ELAD Network are developing a sidechain whereby upon completion the platform will then be migrated to our own Blockchain. ELAD tokens can be used as a storage of value or a medium of exchange, this token is available to buy through our dashboard or CBX.one cryptocurrency exchange.

  1. ELAD tokens can be purchased with either fiat or cryptocurrency and can be traded and stored through exchanges like other altcoins.
  2. ELAD tokens will be distributed in the crowd sale and can be obtained through the ELAD Network dashboard or the CBX.one cryptocurrency exchange.
  3. ELAD tokens can be converted to EQ coins on the ELAD platform for investors to participate in fractional ownership and crowdfunding of real estate.

What is the EQ Coin?

The EQ coin is a ERC20 token that can only be obtained on the ELAD property platform, this token provides unique features that are appropriate for a security token, one of its most important features is the ability to clone itself at a given block count (performed by an administrator of ELAD Network), effectively creating a utility version of itself. It is this ability to create utility clones of the token that becomes useful to implement features such as voting mechanisms which will be heavily utilitised on the ELAD Network platform. Our custom smart contracts will generate separate EQ coins for each property and are controlled by an administrator of ELAD Network. The ELAD Network platform will use EQ coins to establish market caps on individual properties, calculate investor percentage ownership and protect investors from fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrency. This token represents a share and gives ownership rights to real estate.

The EQ coin will:

  1. Protect individual real estate equity and liquidity.
  2. Allow transactions on established real estate without affecting other investors.
  3. Give share rights on real estate
  4. Generate a voting token that is burned once you vote.
  5. Generate a token that can be used to give explicit support to an action or a campaign, like polling.
  6. Generate a token to enable the token holders to collect monthly or annual equity payments.
  7. Generate a token for participation in a crowdfund or similar event.
  8. Generate a token that allows a central party complete control to transfer/generate/destroy tokens at will.
  9. Generate a token that can be passed between peers.
  10. Pause a token to comply with security measures, i.e fraud prevention.

This incentive is designed to maintain a thriving, healthy ecosystem for the ELAD Network community, network and Blockchain.
Once the EQ token is created it acts as a completely independent token with its own functionality, this token is a share and provides returns on investment.

Future Proof

The EQ coin code can be upgraded to facilitate any future requirements for the ELAD Network platform and any new legal legislation.
We believe the relationship between market appreciation and compound interest will allow ELAD tokens to gain intrinsic value and give support to the new asset class by decentralising the real estate marketplace.

Please visit elad.network for more information or take a look at our presentation.

Why Ethereum?

Ethereum’s open source project for smart contracts has set the industry standard whilst producing human readable wallet addresses and domain names on their blockchain (ELADCOIN.ETH), in very much the same way that DNS does for IP addressing on the internet. This allows for humans to easily remember and read wallet address names instead of the hexadecimal format currently used.
Ethereum has held a strong position in the top ten market cap of cryptocurrencies, the Ethereum ecosystem, community, team and predecessors have shown leading innovation and strong growth of infrastructure in the cryptocurrency space.
ELAD Tech Ltd will use custom smart contracts and tested solidity code for investments or advancements, all smart contracts will be independently audited and the results will be made public via Github. Innovation and cooperation will ensure the best infrastructure and developments can be utilized by ELAD Tech Ltd.

DAPP and Smart Contracts

The ELAD Network and Metamask DApp’s enables users to interact with the blockchain and ELAD Network online platform thereby allowing investment monitoring, management and liquidation, as well as multi-signature security combined. The ELAD Network DApp will connect buyers, sellers and interested parties to projects, promotions and market history. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller written directly into the code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across the ELAD Network and Ethereum blockchain.

Smart contracts execute the conditions on completion of a task, for example token weighted pay-outs, refunds or delay settlement pending disputes. The smart contracts created by ELAD Tech Ltd are the instrument by which the P2P connection is decentralized allowing exchanges of property, funds and information to be hashed on the blockchain.
All custom ELAD Tech Ltd smart contracts are called “LADE” (Load, Assets, Distribute, Equity). LADE contracts will create EQ coins for each property, payment scheme, crowdfunding opportunity and binding agreement.

The ELAD Network blockchain, DApp and smart contracts create security and management of investments, transfer of information and property plus automatic contract execution. The DApp, Smart contracts, code testing (Solidity) and ENS domains will be tested and deployed on the Ethereum network. ELAD Tech Ltd will use a side chain on Ethereum until the ELAD Network blockchain is built.

By implementing the ERC20 Standard, adopting the Ethereum ecosystem and working with open source code, the ELAD token will seamlessly integrate with established wallets to produce secure transactions with widely tested technologies.


ELAD Tech LTD will utilize government backed legal structures to protect investors and secure investments. We will abide by all applicable laws, legislation and regulations of every geographical site in which we operate and invest.

Please note:

This infrastructure is designed to create a template for other promising geographical cryptocurrency hot spots backed by governments. This also means we may use our liquidity to facilitate faster transaction processing than traditional online business accounts, which is crucial for the instant payments needed for smart contracts.

ELAD Tech Ltd business accounts will be used for purchases, payments and rental income.

The ELAD Network platform will use a two-type authentication to protect investors, and the ELAD DAPP may require multi-signature for investment access. Our site will run on a monitored cloud instance with automatic data replication across geographical territories (data protection allowing) along with virtual layers to protect our hardware and keep threats and costs down.

Storage and Security

ELAD tokens can be stored on hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger Nano X. This allows offline (cold) storage of cryptocurrency, providing decentralized and stress-free ownership.

ELAD token cryptocurrency can be stored in a DApp browser wallet like Meta Mask which should be used in conjunction with site scanners like Metacert to ensure safe browsing and secure purchases.

Taking these precautions (backups, secure passwords and keys, up to date software) allows reactivation of wallets even if a device is changed or lost which mitigates unauthorised access and any unforeseen circumstances concerning your hardware.

ELAD Network recommends that our clients use cold storage for their investments, it should be noted that it remains the customers responsibility to ensure that their investments are safe and secure.


ELAD will provide different types of property for investment, our main aim is to target IRA’s (internationally Renowned Area’s) as they will appeal to a global audience. There will be three categories to choose from:

  1. Low yield – Residential property.
    • Existing tenants or prospect tenant producing a low return on investment, but high prospect for instant returns on investment due to current tenant or high demand for rental properties in the area.
  2. Medium yield – Residential or commercial underdeveloped or fix and flip.
    • Underdeveloped residential or commercial would mean a better return on rent once rented and brought up to high spec of development, but a longer period of time before the property is ready to rent or produce returns.
    • Fix and flip would follow similar time delays but would be sold on the open market instead of being rented, which could produce extra time delays but also a better return.
  3. High yield – HMO/New builds/shared office space.
    • HMO (House in multiple occupation) can produce high returns but also high running costs with more risk in terms of management and property upkeep.
    • New builds can produce high returns and are eligible for UK government schemes
      but carry long time periods to produce a return and carry bigger risks for completion times.
    • Shared office space follows a similar model to HMO, but could be subject to higher running costs for insurance local taxes and client turn over, but produce a slightly higher return than HMO.

By avoiding large loans or mortgages the ELAD Network property portfolio will largely be protected from monetary policies, increased central bank rates, or other unforeseen events that could turn assets into liabilities.

Based on market research we are aiming to achieve high returns on the investment portfolio by targeting undervalued high growth opportunities in popular locations.

The ELAD Network platform will pay returns in cryptocurrency with the biggest market cap or fiat of the country residing property so investors can move or liquidate payments at will.

Investors that want to increase their cryptocurrency portfolio, can enjoy monthly payments in cryptocurrency to have controlled access to the rapid new asset class.

ELAD Token Distribution

  • 100,000,000 ELAD Tokens will minted on a fixed supply, the reserve will be stored or burnt after the token sale which will alter the availability of supplies.
  • A maximum of 15% of the total supply will be used as a long-term incentive to ensure alignment of the founder’s interests with investors, engage partners into the ELAD Network community and increase application loyalty.
  • 10% of ELAD tokens will be reserved to provide immediate liquidity should demand increase once listed on the exchange. Any unused tokens will be burned after 12 months or kept and locked for future growth.
  • 75% of ELAD tokens will be made available for the crowd sale.

Pre-sale and Main sale


  1. The reserve will be held offline for 12 to 24 months, and will be used for future ventures, exchange liquidity, competitions and challenges.
  2. If deemed unnecessary or counterproductive the tokens will be burned.

Founders, Team and Partners

  1. Tokens held by the ELAD Network team, founders, partners and advisors, will be released on completion of service or after a set period.
  2. Most will be held for 12-24 months to ensure good work ethics, promote growth and guarantee team interests are aligned with investors

Presale and Private Sale

  1. 15% of all ELAD tokens will be available during the pre-sale and private sale with a bonus of up to 60%
  2. Registered users will be able to get early access to participate in the private sale and presale.
  3. A Smart contract will distribute tokens immediately after the sale, once the stage is over distributed tokens will be locked in your wallet until the end of all sales.
  4. If the soft cap is not hit all transaction will be refunded minus the gas used to power the transaction
Private Sale Dates 3rd June 2019 9AM UTC – 3rd August 2019 9AM UTC
Private Sale Supply 4,000,000 ELAD (Unsold ELAD tokens will be moved to Pre-Sale)
Private Sale Soft Cap 250 ETH
Private Sale Hard Cap 2000 ETH
Private Sale Base Token Price 0.0005 ETH
Private Sale Bonus 2000 Bonus ELAD tokens for purchases $500+
Private Sale Minimum Buy 0.1 ETH
Private Sale Maximum Buy 250 ETH
Pre-Sale Dates 6th August 2019 9AM UTC – 6th October 2019 9AM UTC
Pre-Sale Supply 6,000,000 ELAD (Unsold ELAD tokens will be moved to Main Sale)
Pre-Sale Soft Cap 250 ETH
Pre-Sale Hard Cap 3700 ETH
Pre-Sale Base Token Price 0.0005
Pre-Sale Minimum Buy 0.1 ETH
Pre-Sale Maximum Buy 250 ETH

Accepted Currencies:

BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat others to be confirmed.

Main Sale

The final number of ELAD tokens will depend on the number of tokens distributed during the private sale and pre-sale.

Main Sale Dates 10th September 2019 9AM UTC -10th  November 2019 9AM UTC
Main Sale Supply 60,000,000 ELAD
Main Sale Soft Cap 250 ETH
Main Sale Hard Cap 67,000 ETH
Main Sale Bonus 1 Token Price 0.00075 ETH
Main Sale Bonus 2 Token Price 0.00100 ETH
Main Sale Bonus 3 Token Price 0.00125 ETH
Main Sale Minimum Buy 0.01 ETH
Main Sale Maximum Buy 2000 ETH
Token Distribution Immediately on order book offering
Restricted Countries China, North & South Korea



Property Yield Calculations

Property Investment

Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) = Loan Amount/Property Value

Capital Gain                              = Sale Price – (Purchase Price + Costs)

Return on Investment (ROI) = Capital Gain/(Purchase Price + Costs)


Property Rental

Gross Yield  = Annual Rental Income/Property Value

Net Yield  = (Annual Rental Income – Operational Costs)/Property Value

Capital Value = (Annual R.I./Yield of Equiv. Properties) x 100

Gross Scheduled Income (GSI) = Annual Rental Income x No. of Units

Gross Operating Income (GOI) = Gross Scheduled Income x Occupancy

Net Operating Income (NOI) = Gross Operating Income – Expenses


To calculate your annual property yield, you take the property’s yearly rental income and express it as a percentage of your investment in the property. For example, if you charge £1500 per month in rent for a property that you bought for £200,000, your yield would be as follows:

£1500 x 12 = £18,000 per year rental income

£18,000/ £200,000 x 100 = 9%

The gross return on the above example would be 9% per year.

For transparency all net yield information will be displayed on our platform.


ELAD Network has a strong interest in high yielding real estate, but we believe it’s all about location, so we will be targeting IRA’s (Internationally Renowned Areas) to create better opportunities for sales in the secondary markets, profit can be passed on by selling property on the blockchain, we will eliminate expensive 3rd party fees through our P2P network.

Management Team

  • The ELAD Tech Ltd team will be funded by the online platform, memberships and subscriptions, property management, contracts and fees.
  • The aim is to remove intermediaries and produce highly competitive rates while eliminating and reducing costs.
    • Many aspects of our platform will allow self-management (P2P or sales) or choice of management and structure (crowdfund through voting).
    • The management team will assist in the screening of tenants and address any additional enquires and verifications.
    • Relationships and trust are important to us, so please see our terms and conditions and privacy policy for information on how your data will be treated.


  • All parties involved in real estate transactions must comply with laws and legislations applicable in operating jurisdictions.
  • All real estate will be submitted to the ELAD Tech Ltd legal team for review before any agreements progress. Some real estate investments will need to be surveyed by the ELAD Network real estate team or a certified surveyor to guarantee general condition.
  • The ELAD Network real estate team may perform an independent review on investments to give a second opinion on current price value as part of the vetting process.
  • Both the ELAD Tech Ltd real estate and ELAD Tech Ltd management team will be part of the vetting process depending on the desired use of the online platform.
  • ELAD Tech Ltd has a strong network in the property industry and will hire or use independent parties to secure safe investments and transactions through the online platform.

Regulatory Policy

  • ELAD Tech Ltd is selling tokens that are a method of utility on the ELAD Network platform, the token is not a security, but the tokens (EQ coins) generated for each property may be considered to be security tokens.
  • The platform will be advertising a crowdfunding service that specializes in real estate.
  • The platform, companies and umbrella companies are separate from the ELAD token.
  • EQ coins and some of the offerings from the online platform may be seen as securities depending on location, therefore all license’s and regulatory framework for all investment and service locations will be in place after the token sale allowing ELAD Network to legally offer all such items and services globally.


ELAD Network Platform MVP Demo


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