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KEY METRICS [as of 01 Apr 2019]

everitoken highlights

Project Overview

everiToken is the world’s fastest enterprise public chain supported by world-renowned investors, such as Fenbushi Capital.

everiToken has already achieved extensive mass adoption:

1. Zhiyuan Hui, the largest volunteering platform in the world, is building a blockchain platform based on everiToken for its 71 million users.
2. A $500 million stablecoin based on everiToken was issued by Ho Wah Genting Group, one of the largest travel and entertainment companies in Malaysia.
3. A major Brazilian soccer lottery is set to implement everiToken in 2019, serving over 2 million users per month.
4. A Cambodian artist conducted a security token offering (STO) of his artwork using everiToken’s public chain.

everiToken has achieved the best in class transaction speed (up to 10,000 TPS) and transaction confirmation times (as fast as 1 second), and incredibly low fees.

everiToken aims to be the premiere tokenization solution on the market. everiToken’s newly developed “Safe Contract” greatly simplifies smart contracts by enabling users to call token-related APIs.

Their everiPay solution enables consumers and merchants to transact with crypto using nothing more than a mobile phone and existing barcode scanners within 3 seconds. everiPass provides the infrastructure that allows consumers to access events, like concerts, museums, and more, using their smartphone.

Lastly, everiCard gives cryptocurrency holders a physical way to spend their crypto.


  • Invention of the token-based transaction model versus UTXO at Bitcoin and account-based on Ethereum/EOS
  • We create an independent data space to store the full history of a token’s ownership for each token in a token-based ledger. This makes it easy to do sharding and multi-core paralleling because the data space of a given token has no relationship with other tokens. As a result, operations of various tokens can be done easily in a parallel manner without conflict. This enables a super high performance and constantly improving TPS by easily sharding or adding more CPU cores.
  • Standardized Safe Contracts replace the smart contract layer
  • Rather than coding complicated smart contracts directly, users rely on safe contracts to facilitate processes such as the issuance and transfer of tokens. By simplifying functions to their core requirements, safe contracts ensure that all chain transactions are secure and without loopholes, as the available API functions are fully reviewed and verified

Furthermore, safe contracts have the added benefits of increasing accessibility and TPS. Regarding the former, the inclusion of APIs makes it simple for easy integration into existing workflows without having to write chain-integration code from scratch. In regards to the latter, the usage of APIs allows for various translations types to be distinguished easily, and independent token transactions can be processed in parallel at faster speeds.

  • Any merchant can roll out everiPay using existing payment infrastructure and even issue its own stablecoin using everiToken technology. everiPay is a payment protocol born for face-to-face token micropayments using the everiToken public blockchain as the core infrastructure and everiPass as its token ownership validation protocol. everiPay/everiPass includes the standard of QR code generation and the definition of communication protocol. We have achieved an impressive list of features with our innovations:
  • High TPS (10,000) makes everiPay one of the fastest public chains on the market.
  • The simple and cost-effective setup process takes only several hours and integrates with existing barcode scanners.
  • everiPay merchants can save up to 99.99% on payment commissions and receive money on their account immediately after the payment goes through, compared to up to 5 days for Visa
  • Decentralized and immutable blockchain prevents tampering or fraud
  • Universal compatibility with only a smartphone. everiPay accepts all tokens, loyalty programs, and bonus point systems based on everiToken immediately.
  • Users can complete payments even when not connected to the internet
  • everiToken’s robust payment infrastructure was the reason that HWG group chose everiToken as the platform for its USD 500 million stablecoin.
  • Zhiyuan Hui, the world’s largest volunteer organization, selected everiPay as the payment solution for its 71 million users.
  • everiPass generates one QR code on a user’s mobile phone for all tickets and passes to events like concerts or movies
  • Simple and fast process of creating Dapps
  • Easily accessible API for developers of any mainstream programming language
  • everiToken Dapps are created in 4 weeks on average (4 times faster than ETH or EOS)
  • Absolutely free for end users

Ethereum/EOS is a smart contract platform designed for qualified blockchain engineers (only few thousand ones worldwide), but everToken’s public chain is designed so that consumers and businesses can use it via simple API calls for fast, safe, and standardized tokenization.

everiToken strives to lower the barriers to entry not only on the developer side, but also for businesses (both Apps and DApps will be co-existing in future and they could use everiToken core functions by API calls) and end-users (business side could pay for all the gas fees for end-users)

What is everitoken

Registered in Zug, Switzerland and supported by world-renowned investors like Fenbushi Capital, everiToken is the world’s fastest enterprise public chain.

In less than a year after successfully launching its mainnet on July 31st, 2018, everiToken has achieved top-tier TPS (10,000+), enterprise-level security, and an industry-leading level of standardization and lowest development cost.

everiToken’s everiPay commercial token payment solution has achieved a transaction speed and user experience that are comparable to AliPay, WeChat Pay, Visa and Master Card.

The international payment community recognized everiPay’s accomplishments by awarding everiToken with the first prize for the people’s vote at the Global Payment Summit in October 2018.

Please visit everiToken.io for more information or take a look at our presentation.


In the future, everiToken aims to be the powerful infrastructure to tokenize everything, everiPay acts as decentralized “Visa” and safe contract as iOS system.


Blockchain for real business.  Lightning-fast crypto payment.  Secure and simple contracts.

token sale & economics

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Token Supply Distribution:

  • Angel sale 0 % of total supply.
  • Team 15 % of total supply, locked for three years and first unlock will not be earlier than investor.
  • Advisors 0 % of total supply.
  • Network Operations 0 % of total supply.
  • Foundation 0 % of total supply.
  • Ecosystem 40% of total supply, less than 0.1% distributed already.
  • Investor 45% of total supply (including private sales)

Private Sale Overview

Seed Round (private sale):

  • Round 1: 15% and $0.03 USD per token
  • Round 2: 8% and $0.06 USD per token
  • All the tokens soled for both rounds are locked for 1 year, unlock 50% each half year.

Public Sale Overview:

  • No public sale yet
  • EVT Token Ecosystem

    First of all, people can use EVTs as the utility to pay for all the application services on everiToken mainnet(this is live since mainnet launch on 2018.8.4).

    Secondly, people can use EVTs as the staked utility for voting the block producers(this is only valid after EVT is listed on exchanges).

  • EVT Token Release Schedule

    Private Sale: 50% of EVT purchased by investors during the private sale will locked up for 6 months after the date of listing, while the remaining 50% will be locked up for 1 year after the date of listing.

    Team: All the tokens held by the everiToken team will be released during 3 years since the date of Mainnet Launch. The first unlock will not be earlier than the first unlock of  private sale.

    Community: For contributors to the everiToken ecosystem, tokens will be released according to a schedule, with the lockup period starting when a Dapp is launched or when everiToken is listed on an exchange

  • Token Overview & Use Cases

    The EVT token has three key use cases:

    1. Serve as gas fee
    2. To stake for voting
    3. To stimulate more projects and users


Communicated vs. Completed Milestones
2018: Q3 Launching Mainnet successfully 2018: Q3 On Time https://github.com/everitoken
2018: Q3 Launching everiPay 2018: Q3 On Time https://github.com/everitoken
2018: Q4 Acheveing 10000+ TPS 2018: Q4 On Time https://github.com/everitoken
2019: Q1 Release v3.0 of Mainnet 2018: Q4 On Time https://github.com/everitoken
2019: Q2 Release Blockchain chip 2019: Q1 On Time We have made real product and put into use.
2019: Q3 Dividend mechanism 2019: Q1 On Time https://github.com/everitoken

By Q1 2019, some of the projects built on top of EVT included:

  • Zhiyuan hui
  • t5c
  • Dongxi Cabinet
  • DBG
  • HWG Cash
  • Taiwan based chip & tablet company
  • GMQ
  • GGE
  • GoldZip
  • FST Network
  • everiPixel
  • Midas
  • Myevt
  • Mywallet
  • Bitmessage
  • Qinqin Chou
  • Dianhun Tech
  • Hongfu Tech
  • Bizblocks
  • Panama Payment Company
  • Smart hardware company
  • Fengyu Zhe Tech
  • Enotes
  • English BCU
  • Traceability platform
  • Advertising distribution platform
  • American vending machine
  • ShineChain
  • Huayi E family
  • Bepal
  • Vivo group
  • Gujia Tech
  • Betform
  • SWFT
  • Blueprint
  • Zhejiang Musicians Association
  • Lianbao Wu
  • The Cabin Capital
  • Mycity
  • Guangdong large-scale e-commerce company
  • Lianqun Application
  • Secondary Middle School
  • Ningbo parking lot
  • Laijia Car Sharing
  • Brazilian Football Lottery
  • Carbon Points
  • Zhiyuan Hui
  • Finblock
  • Mycert
  • EUSD (Stablecoin)
  • Xinlian Wang

Updated Roadmap

Q2 2019:
listed on exchanges and working on dividend mechanism

Q3 2019:
node voting parallel execution

Q4 2019 Q1 2020:
to develop more features to safe contract

Commercial Partnership and Business Development Progress

Currently there are many applications of everiToken with over 250 cooperative and negotiating projects.

  • Transparency and Reliance

    – Zhiyuan Hui, an official volunteer platform in China, will be built on everiToken, recording all voluntary activities of more than 77 million users on the chain (ready to launch)

    – Data of voluntary blood donation nationwide will be on everiToken (Business negotiation)

    – Subsidiary public welfare platform for the China Youth Development Foundation (QingQingChou with more than 200,000 users)

    – Digitize art certificates for Zhejiang province (launched)

    -Fengyu Zhe is an evidence preservation service platform based on everiToken (cooperative with notarial offices in Beijing and Hangzhou in some use cases)

    -Electronic contract deposit by YILITONG.com (technical docking)

  • Internet of Things, Traceability and Hardware chips

    – Blockchain smart-door (more than 3000 smart doors based on everiToken run stably, recording real-time data)

    – Traceability with security chips (Providing hundreds of wineries with blockchain traceability through security chips on wine bottle caps, greatly reducing the cost of traceability)

    – Unmanned vending machine based on everiPay (everiToken works with one of the largest unmanned vending machine producers. It is expected to launch in April 2019, and there will be nearly 100,000 vending machines in the US alone)

  • Payment and Stablecoin

    – everiPay payment protocol: decentralized payment within a second, support with payment code, NFC, Bluetooth, and offline payment.

    -HWGC, the largest compliant stablecoin company in Southeast Asia (legal license in Malaysia, Thailand) has been issued stablecoin with the value of $500 million USD on everiToken, which will circulate within their own business scenes such as supermarkets, casinos, scenic spots, and many others. (Ready to promote)

    – Stablecoin, with the value of 12 billion US dollars based on gold mine mortgages, has been technically docked and will be released soon.

    -We have negotiated with over 20 stablecoin projects.

  • Gaming

    – Official football lottery platform in Brazil signed a strategic cooperation agreement with everiToken (more than 10 million users)

    -Well-known blockchain IP gaming system with more than 18 million users is ready to be launched on everiToken.

    — everiPixel, based on everiToken, has been launched and won the grand prize at the everiToken hackathon.

  • Others

    –Tokenize artwork (completed) and real estate (Cambodia, Japan projects) for investment

    –Authentication, such as Decentralized Authentication System MeSince


We have 9 full-time workers including five important founders and 30+ part-time workers. Our team mainly focus on business development, technical developing and operation.



    Brady is a true believer in the global token economy based on blockchain technology. He is Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Electrical engineering undergraduate, Brandeis University financial graduate student, studied block chain strategy curriculum in Said Business School of University of Oxford. Entrepreneur, elected the third batch of Shanghai 1000 people’s plan (venture group). Worked in New York Oppenheimer Funds alternative asset investment (CDO – Based asset securitization) and Japan’s largest financial group, MITSUBISHI UFJ securities (Tokyo headquarters and Shanghai).



    Dr Hengjin Cai is a professor and Ph.D. advisor in the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University since 2005, an expert-in-residence at the Global FinTech Lab, a visiting researcher at the Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Science, and an expert committee member of the China AI and Big Data Committee of 100. He is engaged in service science, AI and blockchain technologies, and published the book BEFORE THE RISE OF MACHINES: The Beginning of the Consciousness and the Human Intelligence, winning the WU Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award of 2017.



    Bozhen has rich experience in government project operation, and specializes in communications and public relations. He graduated from Aston University, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. E-commerce providers, apparel supply chain B2B services, social short videos, government e-commerce project entrepreneurs. He has rich experience in social capital and government project operation, and has strong execution, communication and public relations skills. As the permanent host of the Internet Conference, the electronic commerce public service center of Tongxiang and the director of the youth internet entrepreneurship Service Center who has won title of the country’s rural youth leading leaders, 2017 the most beautiful Zhejiang youth leaders and so on.



    Ceeji is a full-stack developer and experienced system architect with more than 10 years of software development experience, and rich entrepreneurship and management experience. He was the first-prize winner of the National Informatics Olympiad, and previously worked at his own start-up (as CTO and co-founder).



    Harry is an experienced system development engineer with more than 10 years of system development experience. He previously worked in Tianfeng Securities in Shanghai, then participated in private placement as a technical partner, and was responsible for quantitative trading system development.re are five co-founders:



EVT token is not traded as of publish date of this report.


All the source code is public since first line and can be viewed at


GitHub Overview

Top Public GitHub Repositories




Top Private GitHub Repositories

Couldn’t publish because they’re private.



Fee Abstraction

(CPU + Network + Storage) * Global factor

Blockchain & Network Data

Block Producers Validators (Checkpointers)
# of Slots 15 ~100
Stage Involved BPs are producing blocks in proper order Receive blocks from BPs via P2p Network
Block Period 0.5sec per block and each BP produces 12 blocks at one time
Risk/Resources needed Higher uptime requirement as downtime is severely punished

Need higher end hardware and ancillary services to prevent DOS attacks

Relatively lower uptime required as penalties for missing signing is relatively not that severe
Nodes to maintain DPOS + PBFT DPOS
Throughput Up to 10K TPS on Mainnet Up to 10K TPS on Mainnet



Community Strategy

  • US & China – daily update and big news exposure, we also launch airdrop
  • Germany – we will hold meetups here and our one of advisor will help us
  • United Kingdom – daily update and big news exposure, we also launch airdrop
  • Korea – daily update and big news exposure, we also launch airdrop
  • Vietnam – daily update and big news exposure, we also launch airdrop
  • Community Meetups

EVT Network Social Channels

  • Twitter | ?3K+?Members
  • Medium | ?240 ) Followers
  • Reddit | ?3K+?Followers
  • Official Announcement Channel | ?10K+?Followers
  • Telegram – EVT Network Official Community | ?30K+?Members


Comparison of scaling solutions on their conduciveness for Building dApps:

Ethereum EOS Ripple everiToken
Consensus Algorithm Efficiency for Scale and Security Low(POS) High(DPOS+PBFT) High(RPCA) High(DPOS+PBFT)
Degree of Decentralization High Medium Low Medium
TPS* 70 3K 1.5K 10K+
Multi-Sidechain/Sharding Support High High Low High
Focus on User Experience Low Low Medium High
Transaction Fee High High Very Low Very Low
Fee Mechanism User Paid Develop Paid User Paid User/Merchant/Developer Paid
Contract Develop Language Solidity C++ No need No need
Ease of Migration/ Popular Programming Language Support Low Medium High High




    A former CMO and CBDO at ICORating. At ICORating I’ve created a well-renowned global brand via a lot of different tools, for example: participation as a speaker on the more than 35 large conferences all over the world (mostly in US, Asia and Europe), also my team and I had created 7 our own events such as ICORating Investment Summit in NYC at March, Afterparty on the NYC Blockchain Week (more than 200 guests from large industry players (funds, exchanges, accelerators, startups, leading business media, etc.). Now, I’m creating my own crypto fund and consulting firm.


    A famous cybersecurity services provider as well as a white hat community. He is a highly qualified cybersecurity expert with 13 years of success in the industry. He is a certified expert in several aeras and has more than 10 certificates of competence. His role at Hachen is to provide technology leadership in developing, integrating and supporting the platform.

  • MARIAN DANKO: CEO at Digitly

    Marian Danko is a CEO at digitly, assisting blockchain development teams in getting the message across the globel. Passion for technology and innovation brought him to join AngelHack and Startup Grind teams. Marian is an active member of tech and entrepreneur communities, bridging the gap between innovation and the consumers.


    Mike managed a multi-million dollar portfolio of assets as a Coverage Banker for Financial Institutions for the EMEA region at ABN AMRO Bank for over 8 years. In his role as a Community Growth mastermind at Airbnb, Mike oversaw a 700% community growth in just 2 years. Mike has worked in blockchain since 2015. As Head of Sales and Partnerships at ICORating, he built profitable partnerships with leading crypto industry funds and exchanges. He is a co-founder of GlTA – the Global ICO Transparency Alliance. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Wales and a Masters in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.






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